Building a Better Future for Marin, Lake, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties

 The NCRC&DC supports economic growth through sustainable use and conservation of natural and agricultural resources in our 4-county north coast region.  We are a grassroots non-profit organization that brings together people, needs, concerns, opportunities, and solutions.

The NCRC&DC promotes agricultural diversity and whole farm planning so family farms and ranches can maintain economic stability and use sound environmental practices  To carry out our mission, we have launched CULTIVATING COMMERCE, an initiative to support agricultural entrepreneurs in our 4-county area. We promote commerce by helping new or existing farmers and ranchers start or expand sustainable agricultural operations.  A priority area targets local food production and regional marketing of produce and other agricultural commodities.

Visit for helpful information on starting or expanding your agricultural operations.

"BEE PATCHES" comes to the Sonoma Valley!! The Council is planting “Bee Patches” of forage for pollinators working with Sonoma Valley Boy Scouts, wineries, grape growers, and other farmers to create habitat in Sonoma Valley for struggling bees and other pollinators. Eighty percent of the world’s flowering plants are animal pollinated, and wildlife ecosystems are vitally dependent on pollinating partners. Honeybees, other pollinators and pollination services represent a critical component of healthy wildlife ecosystems and sustainable agriculture, with honeybees pollinating an estimated $15 billion of agricultural crops annually in the United States. Direct and indirect value could total $30 billion annually. Scientists and farmers alike are increasingly recognizing the importance of honeybees and native pollinators, and the reality that they are at risk. Our bees are disappearing, and one important action to help bees is to create forage habitat where they can feed and nourish their colonies. This summer, new habitat “Bee Patches” will be planted through a partnership with Sonoma Valley Boy Scouts, wineries, local grape growers and other farmers in the Sonoma Valley. The Boy Scouts will tally up the total amount of forage planted by farmers in the “Bee Patches” effort. "Bee Patches" is funded in part by donations from the Clif Bar Family Foundation and the Patagonia Company.

We continue to work in the areas of pollinator habitat improvement, eat local/grow local garden support, agricultural tourism enhancement, and sustainable biomass energy development.

Take the TourRC&DC areas (Take a Tour of our Area). We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and are one of hundreds of RC&DCs across the nation.   RC&DCs were established in the Agriculture Act of 1962 to empower rural people to help themselves. There are twelve authorized RC&DC areas in California, and more information about RC&DCs in California can be found at

Donations support our programs, and are fully tax deductible.  Please consider making a donation today to support our activities aiding the rural communities of the North Coast.

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