Building a Better Future for Marin, Lake, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties

 The NCRC&DC supports sustainability and economic growth through wise and environmentally sound use and conservation of natural and agricultural resources in our 4-county north coast region.  We are a grassroots non-profit organization that brings together people, needs, concerns, opportunities, and solutions.

The Council has been very busy planting "Bee Patches" pollinator habitat, promoting "Rain Catchers" water recycling efforts, supporting agricultural diversity and entrepreneurship through "Cultivating Commerce," and assisting partners in the production and use of biochar from forest and agricultural biomass sources. We recently have:

-planted six "Bee Patches" with Girl Scouts on farmlands in the Sonoma Valley--find out more at our special website This year in 2016 we will be planting patches in west Sonoma County!

-built a complete rooftop rain water collection and storage "Rain Catchers" system at Anderson Valley Elementary School and in early 2016 are installing two more school systems in Sonoma County!

-expanded Rain Catchers outreach to homeowners with small rain barrels.

-Supplied Bee Smart™ curriculum kits several elementary classes in Sonoma County as part of our "Bee Buddies" Pollinator Habitat Environmental Education program.

-Created a video with the help of students from the SRJC Media Projects class for our "Rain Catchers" program.

-supported our partners in outreach on the use of biochar developed from pyrolysis of agricultural and forest land biomass.

-facilitated the expansion of a vermiculture operation as part of our "Cultivating Commerce" initiative

Take the TourWe are a regional organization serving the four counties of Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino and Lake. (Take a Tour of our Area). We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and are one of hundreds of RC&DCs across the nation.   RC&DCs were established in the Agriculture Act of 1962 to empower rural people to help themselves. There are twelve authorized RC&DC areas in California, and more information about RC&DCs can be found at

Donations support our programs, and are tax deductible.  Please consider making a donation today to support our activities aiding the rural communities of the North Coast.

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