Building a Better Future for Marin, Lake, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties

 The NCRC&DC is a grassroots non-profit organization that works with youth in environmental education projects and with community members to promote environmentally-sound agriculture practices and protection of natural resources in the region of Marin, Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino counties of the northcoast of California. We maximize our impact by collobarating with other organizations on projects that focus on pollinator habitat protection, water conservation, landfill waste and greenhouse gas reduction, new sustainable farming support, and carbon sequestration projects.

Our programs all involve both on-the-ground change as well as educational outreach to encourage replication of our programs by individuals and other community groups. We build rainwater collection, storage and re-use systems at schools; plant pollinator habitat working with Girl Scouts and other youth in our farms and fields; work with individual agricultural operators to become successful; work with students and encourage schools to divert food waste from landfills through onsite vermiculture (worm) composting to produce rich compost to use at the school, and add biochar to agricultural fields and rangelands to make healthy soils and sequester carbon; and more. These programs all are aimed at supporting healthy, sustainable rural communities in our 4-County region by promoting diverse environmentally sound agriculture and enhancing the availability of local healthy foods.

last year, the Council continued our "Rain Catchers in Your School" program which provides rooftop rainwater collection and storage systems to a school to allow stored water use during the dry season; (2) revisited and repaired our planted pollinator habitat in our "Bee Patches" program working with local girl scout troops in Sonoma County to create and restore new healthy habitat, while in 2018 we will be planting new patches across Sonoma County; and (3) deployed new school-wide worm composting bins in our "Worm Wizards of Waste" program for composting school food waste in lieu of disposing to the landfill in many schools. For the first time, we expanded this program beyond Sonoma County into Lake and Mendocino Counties. This program continues in 2018. We have kicked off our innovative science-and-art program, the "Rain Catchers Early Reader" project working with a school to learn the hydrologic cycle then illustrate their knowledge with facilitated artwork lessons. This program will be finishing in 2018.

Donations support our programs, and are tax deductible.  Please consider making a donation today to support our activities aiding the rural communities of the North Coast.

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