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About Bee Buddies

Bee Girl“Bee Buddies” is an educational project in line with our Council’s purpose of supporting sustainable agriculture and conservation of natural resources in Mendocino, Sonoma, Lake and Marin Counties, California.  We recently received a $10,000 challenge grant from the Dean Witter Foundation, funding a portion of this educational project. “Bee Buddies”  is a two-year environmental education effort for grades one through six in Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Lake and Mendocino Counties focusing on the importance of pollinators, their habitat, and best practices in environmental stewardship that benefit pollinators.   We hope you will help us toward meeting the Dean Witter foundation challenge—any amount will contribute to our fundraising goal--$50, $100 or hopefully more for implementing “Bee Buddies.”

Eighty percent of the world’s flowering plants are animal pollinated, and wildlife ecosystems are vitally dependent on pollinating partners.  Honeybees, other pollinators and pollination services represent a critical component of healthy wildlife ecosystems and sustainable agriculture, with honeybees pollinating an estimated $15 billion of agricultural crops annually in the United States.  Direct and indirect value could total $30 billion annually. Scientists and farmers alike are increasingly recognizing the importance of honeybees and native pollinators, and the reality that they are at risk.   The “Bee Buddies” project is dual pronged—supporting pollinator habitat with students creating bee gardens, an important conservation effort, while at the same time using an innovative approach to stimulate education and learning about pollinators in primary school.

Our Council, in partnership with Partners for Sustainable Pollination (, is planning this ambitious educational program targeting 100 elementary school classrooms.  The “Bee Buddies” program introduces students to the importance of pollinators for our crops and our ecosystems, helps children recognize the problems pollinators face today, and informs students about actions that they and their families, friends and communities can take to improve pollinator habitat. Each of these classrooms would be provided with educational kits containing materials that facilitate learning about pollinators and tracks student progress.

The students will work in the classroom and in hands-on environmental education about native and managed pollinator species and their habitat. The students will perform stewardship actions, such as planting for bees and useful Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices that can benefit and protect pollinators. The teachers and children are provided  kits with materials and activities that students can self-select and take to their homes and families, extending the reach of the program. Each kit costs $160. The project also relies on the “learn and tell” model where each student will “learn” and then “tell” one other person.  Teaching our children and their families the importance of sustainable pollinator habitat and how to enhance existing habitats will go a long way toward protecting these important species.

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